Office storages

Traditional storage of documents is constantly being replaced by computer or other digital medias archiving in most of the companies nowadays. And while some of the information is easily accesable by different electronic means, certain real papers still need to be kept for subsequent consultation.

Our office storages support everyday activity and allow managers and employees a fast access to documents and supplies. The three lines of cabinets, pedestals and bookcases are designed to help people to organize their internal paper flow and keep their workspace tidy.

The minimalistic design and the vast range of dimensions compose collections of furniture that can fit a wide variety of interiors and available spaces. Numerous colors and finishes, ranging from natural to vivid shades, allow a further customization to match the existing furniture or individual preferences.

Straight collection

Sorting and filing away documents can be a meticulous and time consuming job itself. If this is doubled by a limited storage space or enough space but not available in the immediate vicinity, the entire process can become quite challenging for any employee.

Our storage furniture can help you to create a tidy workspace and access the needed documents, supplies, equipment and even personal items in a quick and comfortable manner. The Straight collection features simple pieces of furniture with compact design yet generous surfaces. Neutral and natural color scheme makes this range to be easily integrated in different workspaces both in companies and home offices.

Straight line contains cabinets, pedestals and bookcases in different dimensions to fit the available spaces. Options such as tambour doors or removable pencil cases increase functionality and offer extra comfort to the user.

Comfort collection

Our desks find an optimum complement in the vast Comfort collection that blends office cabinets, bookcases, pedestals, lockers and wardrobes. Simple and multifunctional pieces, available in a wide array of shapes and colors, support both executive and operational use.

The advanced degree of customization in terms of sizes allows you to make the most of the available space in any large or narrow areas. From tall, slimline designs to compact, desk high models, our pieces of furniture offer a storage space for any type of documents, small equipment and office supplies.

The high-quality materials and finishes can help you to promote a professional and trusted company image among your visitors. You can further add pieces from our collections of seating and you will achieve a modern and comfortable workplace for you and your team.

Supreme collection

Supreme collection offers functionality and attractive visual appearance at the same time. The pieces of furniture stand out through the shiny fronts that underline the minimalistic design and bring style into the office space. The color scheme, ranging from neutral to powerful tones, increases even more the aesthetic effect and helps you to create unique layouts.

The range contains cabinets and pedestals that allow you to optimally organize your workspace and safely store documents and supplies in open view or behind closed doors.

Due to the simple lines and compact sizes, the items easily integrate in both executive and operational offices. Furthermore, these can be a natural addition to some of our reception desks in companies that need storage space right at the entrance.