Furniture is made from a wide variety of materials, both manufactured and found in nature. This requires considerable efforts in complying to a large number of procedures that are necessary to achieve sustainable products.

Our office furniture pieces are produced with a great care for user and the environment. These are certified according to European standards and maintain safety throughout their lifecycle. Every piece of wood is sourced from responsible forestry and controlled cultivation, confirmed by organizations such as FSC or PEFC. The fabrics are certified by ECOLABEL, CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES and REACH. The paints that are used for metal elements are certified in Health Quality. Metal parts are processed through laser machines to get the most out of the materials and minimize the waste. Remaining waste of chipboards, plastic and glass are taken over by the recycling companies after separation.

Cost-saving production technologies further optimize the electricity consumption and reduce the gas emissions, while the air from the production halls is first purified and then evacuated to prevent dust and particles from being released into the atmosphere. Packing is adapted to products dimensions, reducing waste to minimum and optimizing the loading space in transport vehicles.

Many of our products are multifunctional pieces of furniture, allowing users to repurpose them according to changing needs. We strongly advice our customers to follow the protection and proper care recommendations in order to extend the lifetime of the furniture. Even all these seem to be small steps into preserving precious resources, these can make a big difference in the overall environmental impact.