Meeting and conference tables

Meeting tables enable to a company manager or team members to conduct important discussions on business cooperation or internal strategies. The right models and dimensions can create an environment of adequacy, professionalism and seriousness.

We can support you with a vast selection of tables for any kind of meetings such as conference, assembly, impromptu meetings and more.

Our extensive range of office tables is designated to meet different requirements in terms of shape and size. We can offer you oval, round, rectangular or square meeting tables that fit multiple spaces and office layouts. You can choose also from various finishes, colors, styles and accessories to create a piece of furniture that fits your preferences.

When it comes to function, our selection of tables is including modular pieces, as well as folding and height adjustable tables. For offices with less space, our multimedia table can be a contemporary alternative to meeting rooms. Its design efficiently supports discussions and presentations, as well as a discreet storage of materials.