When left in sight, people’s coats and accessories can make a crowded workspace look even less organized throughout the day. Our office wardrobe cabinets are useful pieces of furniture that can help you to store different belongings in a discreet and elegant manner.

These products can serve different purposes depending on the employees and the specifics of the company. For example, a manager can keep a replacement shirt or suit handy for unforeseen situations, while a lab or production team member can have his uniform clothing stored for the current week.

The main compartment, provided with fixed or pull-out bar for hangers, prevents garments from creasing. Interior shelves, available in different configurations, allow you to also store hats, bags, boxes with footwear, books, files and other personal or company items.

The reduced length and width of these wardrobes allows an easy integration even in small spaces. Color scheme, available in natural and neutral finishes, enables an easy fit in various office designs.