In nowadays offices, the lounge area is no longer just a place to take a break or welcome visitors. Due to the mobility offered by the evolution of technology, work can happen anywhere and thus office lounge spaces often support not only socializing and changing ideas but also real work.

Our lounge seating offers a nice change of posture from sitting in a regular desk chair. An extensive range of chairs, armchairs, sofas and modular pouf systems allow individuals and groups to choose their favorite place to work and interact. This increases the wellbeing and engagement, building the premises of an efficient and comfortable workspace. A more casual and attractive environment helps them also to put their minds at ease and to get into a creative mood.

Our collections for soft seating lounge are adaptable to different furnishing needs and requirements in terms of space, style and colors. The range is completed by tables that meet high expectations of functionality and add extra dynamism to the entire workplace.