Efficiency chair

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Efficiency chair is available with six types of base, ranging from 4 standard leg to 4 and 5-star frame, all of them offering the possibility to be delivered with or without wheels.

The version with 4 legs allows you to place up to 12 such stackable conference chairs one on top of another when they are not in use. Thus, you can save important space by keeping the chairs in a corner, until you need them. Also, this enables you to quickly create a small meeting area at any time or just take out extra last-minute seating for additional visitors.

By adding casters for soft or hard floors, you can benefit from 3 different models of conference room chairs with wheels. This assortment will offer mobility, as users can move freely without standing, while they are showing documents and sharing opinions and ideas. Further on, the 5-star base variant is height adjustable for a more convenient position.

Optional components include armrests and writing table for those who need to take notes or simply read in a more comfortable manner. For the chairs with 4 legs, connecting elements are also available. Thus, you can form rows of chairs by mixing stackable conference room chairs with one or two armrests. Also, rows of conference room chairs without wheels and armrests can be created by using connecting elements.

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