Modular quiet booths

Our privacy booths offer to your employees an increased level of concentration and control in open space areas. The great soundproofing features allow them to be protected from the noise and distractions of the office when they need to conduct private phone calls or meetings.

The advanced degree of customization enables you to select the size, upholstery material and color. Modular structure and industrial design ensure a natural blend inside any work environment, from urban offices to production halls.

All three versions are provided with automatic lighting, ventilation and easy cable management to relieve office activity. Mindfulness and Inspiration favor individual work, while the last one can accommodates teamwork and break-out moments as well. You can furnish them with one or two pieces of the Stilness family and a compact lounge table.

Creation is a small conference room that facilitates interaction and constructive discussions. This acoustic meeting pod can accommodate a meeting table and up to 4 Convenience chairs.