Elevation is a contemporary executive desk for dynamic managers. Hi-tech appearance, build with a sturdy body and a thick top, creates the illusion of a floating in the air worksurface.

Functionality is increased by the height adjustability, which offers freedom in changing the position throughout the day and encourages a healthy posture at work. No-legs design allows a free move at and around the desk, in standing or sitting position, and is highly suitable for managers that are very active at the office.

Clean lines and minimal accessories, together with neutral or natural colors, enable Elevation to fit in a wide range of interiors.

Body structure can be placed on the left or right side and contains a small storage space. Supplementary pieces of this range, such as a coffee table or individual storage units, can help you to customize an entire office and create unique configurations. Available conference tables or multimedia stand with electric height adjustment will help you organize adjacent spaces with privacy and cooperative features.