Concentration is an ergonomic and versatile office height adjustment desk. Sturdy construction, with smooth lines and generous top, creates a comfortable place to work in.

Numerous customizations are available in terms of shape and sizes, to allow you to create your configuration based on preferences and available space. Rectangular and radial desks are both available with and without manual height adjustment. The straight version with incorporated storage unit allows its user to keep all things in hand and to create a more personal workplace.

One of the main advantages of this operative desk is the wide leg containing a cable duct on the inside. Together with optional cable management solutions, such as top access or mediabox, the whole system prevents clutter and reduces the risk of accidents.

Wide color palette, inspired by nature, enlivens the space and creates a pleasing environment. Additional customization possibilities are brought by optional modesty or acoustic panels, to increase functionality and enrich the overall appearance.