Absorption - Singular quiet booth

For large open space offices, soundproof pods can be a more economic and efficient alternative to creating individual cubicles and offices. The compact sizes enable them to be placed anywhere without overcrowding the area.

Our Absorption booths can be an oasis of privacy and quiet in the middle of a noisy environment. They are designed to help employees to focus on critical work tasks and to ensure superior voice calling quality due to the acoustic features that provide sound control.

Available utilities inside each pod allow individuals to work independently from the rest of the team, avoiding distractions that can lead to dissatisfaction, stress and low performances.

Absorption blends both functional and aesthetic features. Surprising shape together with beautiful material groups and colors can add a touch of style and warmth inside your office. Adding Privacy pouf family and Insight height adjustable chair, you will create an attractive and comfortable working space for your employees and visitors.